Missing hamsters and cute kittens

Hi all,

Once again it has been a while. I am really quite bad at keeping a routine for this blogging thing, but to be honest not a lot has happened. Pretty much the only things of interest are that I have almost finished University. That’s right, by this Thursday I will have handed in my last assignment and be done with it all. Bar graduation in July. I am both excited and terrified by this. The prospect of being so close the the end and freedom is brilliant, but I am kind of worried about what comes next. Getting a job in my field of work will be the hardest part by far, but I am sure it will all work out with a bi of hard work and dedication. I didn’t get this far by sitting on my bum doing nothing!

I had an exam today, I think it went well. However, that is not what I wanted to share with you, what I am in fact sharing is much cuter! What has been on my computer screen while I have been revising is due to my lovely best friend sending me a link. A link to a live stream of some adorable kittens. For anyone interested at a look, here is the link:

My final piece of somewhat interesting news, is that a while ago I came downstairs in the morning to find my hamster cage empty. This made me rather sad and flustered, with a million possibilities running through my head. After an hour of frantically looking around the room and moving pillows and blankets as carefully as I could little Thunder was found in the corner of the room, snuggled up between my corner and the dinning table we have in our main room (we only have one main room and a kitchen downstairs). Thankfully he is all safe and well and back in his cage and hasn’t escaped since. We think the adventure wore the poor little thing out. I am so glad he is safe and well, I was seriously worried about him.


Anyway, that is all I have for you until next time, whenever that maybe.

lots of love




It’s been a while…

Hello there.
It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I’d say hi! I know I don’t post about anything good as such, but sometimes it’s nice to have a place to write down random thoughts and ideas. Today might just be a bit of a ramble because I can’t think about what has happened very well. As I am typing I am feeling a little sick, because I have eaten too much while doing some work, and so I am waiting for my friend to come back online to talk to me while watching The Big Bang Theory.

Since I last posted I moved in with my boyfriend and turned 21. For my birthday my sister got me a Hamster. I called him Thunder, because when we went to buy him there was a storm. He isn’t white so Hail seemed wrong, but thunder was chosen by my sister so I liked it. He is super cute.



He has grown a lot since I got him. The picture on the right was him the day I got him, and the other two have been over the last four months. The one of him in the ball with a treat was taken as he managed to get himself out of the ball so I gave him a treat. I love my little Thunder so much, with his beady little eyes and mismatching ears. I hug him every day and play with him all the time.

Enjoy the pictures,




The Truth About Love, P!NK

Sorry it has been a while. I have been waiting for something good to talk about, and it has happened! On the14th Me and an old friend went to Manchester to see Pink’s The Truth About Love Tour, and quite frankly she was AMAZING! At first a band called Walk the Moon played, they were really quite good.


Then some guy started walking around the crowd making faces and demanding kisses and strange things like that


He turned out to be the ‘host’ of the night and kept coming back doing really strange things on stage and singing, very amusing


His way of introducing Pink. Brilliant. He started looking around the crowd on the screens with the cameras, looking for someone who needed love to come on stage… scanning through the crowd loads of people were up jumping around shouting ‘ME, ME, ME’, then there she was. Sitting quietly behind three girls pointing at each other, Pink just sitting and waiting.

Her first song on stage was ‘Raise your glass’ and she completely owned the stage, and the air above it


P1090640From there she continued to be amazing right the way through the night, evolving the crowd and singing the classics as well as the new songs. Her costume changes were amazingly fast, pretty much seamless between songs to be honest, disappear down into the floor only to re-emerge seconds later in something COMPLETELY different singing the next song.
The backing singers, the band and the dancers she had on stage with her were also 100% amazing. The entire thing from beginning to end had me watching in awe and singing along.

It was an absolutely fantastic night, I am so glad I got the chance to go (and get a shirt!)

P1090680 P1090722 P1090732 P1090744 P1090767 P1090768 P1090821P1090831

Hello again.

Well, hello again.
I hope you had a wonderful new years do, or a good nigh chilling at home with some T.V. Personally, me and my family all met up for a lot of alcohol and fireworks, although I could have done with curling up in bed with a hot water bottle, some coffee and a good book. I have been VERY,  a little ill the last few days. Luckily I seem to finally be getting better. Coughing non-stop for 2 weeks isn’t exactly a first for me, it’s not even close to a record, however it really is not fun. Anyone else who has been ill or is ill with this or something similar, you have my complete sympathy.

So I literally just moved back to my Uni house about 2 hours ago, took me about an hour to get everything set up and ready again, with my new lava lamp chillin’ on the desk next to my laptop. I kinda hope that rather than just being a distraction it will act as a form of inspiration, but I am aware I will just end up staring at it looking cool when I should be working.
Over Christmas I was meant to have started a new project, designing a new Eco-House. I have yet to look at it. It is in next Thursday. This is going to go well.

Another nice thing that has happened is to do with a rather wonderful boyfriend. You see, When I went home for Christmas he came with me for a few days. Little did I know he plannedon coming back to surprise me in the new year! I had planned o go out on the 2nd with some friends to a pub then off to one of the Clubs in town. The next day my best friend drove me home and I walked into my house to find my boyfriend talking to my family relaxing on the sofa. SUPER SURPRISED! He is so cute surprising me like that. Although he did lie a little to do it, the sneaky boy. Told e he was in work when he was sitting on the train. Rude. Suppose I should let him off really.

OH! Before I forget, guess who got the most awesome sonic-screwdriver torch for Christmas (my parents are awesome)!


One more random point before I go. E-Mails. I was so excited to get an e-mail on new years day only to have my first E-Mail of 2013 be from Domino’s telling me I should order a pizza. LET DOWN!

Anyway, I’m off. Hope you enjoyed reading this mish-mash of thoughts.
Post soon.



Hi there,  I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends, not leaving out the food.

I don’t always get what people class as a ‘normal‘ christmas, as this year was no exception. You see, my dad works away at sea a lot of the time and this year, he was working over christmas day. It’s been like this all my life, but it isn’t bad because it means me, my mum and my sister get to go with him! You meet so many new and interesting characters from all over the world when you are on the ship for christmas or new year. You also get to try new food from all over the world. It is rather exciting really. This year we were in Liverpool again with some people we had met is earlier years. It was really nice to see them all. My dads been on this particular ship for a few years now, so I knew my way around better than before on other ships. The party was brilliant too, it normally is with Captain John on board. Another good bit about not being home for christmas is again to do with the food. Because the ship has a cook, my parents don’t have to spend the day in the kitchen preparing food but can spend it with me and my sister (without asking us to peel one thing or chop another).
This year I got some pretty cool things, and practical ones too, but i have to say the coolist HAS to be my lava lamp! I have always wanted one, and have had a few little joke ones over the years filled with glitter and stuff (something you should know about me, is that i hate glitterit gets everywhere and is really annoying), but this one is a proper, really cool one.
! And my favorite colour. Made me laugh this morning though, turned it on to warm it up and it started to look… well, see for yourselves…


After a while it gained two balls, but i was too busy being a child and laughing to get a photograph. But its working normally again now, and looking cool.


Hope you all got some cool things too.

So next is new year. Party time. I personally will be with family at my aunt and uncles house, and I believe my cousin has invited some of our old school friends. Should be interesting as I don’t really talk to them anymore after a big fallout last easter. Don’t suppose it will matter when we all get drunk and me and my dad are setting off fire works with my cousin Chris. Quite looking forward to it really.
Hope you all have something fun planned and have a good (and safe) time.
I wont post again untill the new year, so have a good one.
Bye xx

Merry Grazemass


Every week I get these things called graze boxes. For those who don’t know what they are they are basically a box of snacks delivered to your door. Check out the website, www.graze.com (for a free first box use the code 272DPP6D). Well anyway, when I opened my box today this was in there and I felt the need to share the awesomeness! On to more serious points. I am going home for Christmas tomorrow! Like I have mentioned I live in a house with 2 other girls and 3 boys. How I love them, they do irritate me a tad… but Christmas, my opportunity to go home see old friends and family and regroup. I know it won’t be long before I am begging to come back to this crazy place, but at the moment I am so excited to go home I am bouncing. I don’t know how often I will post at home, so yea. Have a brilliant Holiday.



New Laptop

Hey there. I was just reading through my other posts and realised how negative they are, I am going to attempt to fix this.

So, today I woke up (the second time) to the door bell ringing, When I answered a lovely man with a package handed me a box with my name on it. At first I thought, YAY, My boyfriends Christmas present! But I was wrong, so very wrong. When I looked closer after signing and taking it to my room I realised that it wasn’t for him at all. It was for me! The joy of my new laptop coming instantly woke me up and the process of making it work began. You see, I needed a new laptop rather badly. I have had my old acer now for just over 4 years, so it is quite old and there are a lot of thing wrong with it – the worst thing being the most recent lack of mouse usability. For a short amount of time when you first turned it out it would work, then after about 7 clicks it would just stop. Even with a mouse plugged in. Quite frankly, it was fucked. Before this, about this time last year, it turned into a mobile desktop. A 3 minute battery life is not an effective laptop. However, non of that matters now I have my band new shiny one. 

R.I.P old laptop, you served me well.Image

Messy kitchens.

So this post is going to be VERY ramble like and possible a bit incoherent, and I am sorry in advance.
Basically my house mates are taking the piss.

Last year I agreed to live with these people on the condition the kitchen stayed fairly clean. At first they were quite good. When it got bad if I asked they would help clean, fine. But not anymore. For over a week now there hasn’t been a single clean piece of cutlery, no bowls or plates, not even a side that has been clean. It has gotten to the point where there is actually mold growing on the side of the sink. Discussing.
In this house I have the smallest room, I didn’t mind cause it ment we could l I’ve in this nice house, but it is just getting on my nerves now. its just not fair. Not on me, or the other girl it is annoying. I can’t take it any more. I have been cleaning up after them since I first started living with them last year, and I refuse to do it any more. I am a peer, their house mate – not their babysitters. Even my own mother wouldn’t clean up a mess like that if i made one, so why should I have to? I shouldn’t and I won’t.
Today is the last straw.
I have to go to a meeting at 7. When I return, if it is still a mess their crap will be disappearing. I refuse to look at it, or smell it any longer.
Rant over.
Have a good evening.

Randomly Annoying Day

So, life has been pretty weird for a while now. I am absolutely loving life at the moment, so happy with decisions I am making and working hard to pass my University course in Architectural Technology while also managing a social life (which for anyone studying or who knows someone studying Architecture or Architectural Technology, will know is rather impossible, especially on the lead up to Christmas). I have agreed to live with three of my friends next year and we are currently looking for a house in our town close to the University that is cheap enough for us all to live in happily.

I have been getting all my work done early and am receiving a pretty good grade that I am MORE than happy with, I’m currently writing an essay now, and writing this in a break. So I don’t understand. Today, for some unknown reason to me, I feel like crying. I woke up with an amazing boyfriend next to me, just hugging me while he slept, which was a pretty nice way to wake up if I am honest.

I had arranged to meet my friend in University at 12 to do some of the projects and essays we have due in over the next two weeks. When we made it in after her house mate cooked us Sausage, Egg and Bacon butties, only to find first computer we went to had someone logged in. I will never understand why people just lock the computers in the main room of University when it is quite clear people are trying to come in to get some work done. It really annoys me, I mean, fair enough if they leave a note “Rendering” or “just gone to get a drink, back in 5”. That would be fine. No, clearly not, these people would rather leave it logged in, and the worst bit was we never saw ONE of them come back to finish the work or log off, and we were there a pretty long time. As always when we go in to actually do some work. When we are motivated, we can get A LOT done. Today, today was one of them days. Thank goodness. Dead line Thursday. Panic!

I think I am just having one of them days where you feel like the world is against you.

Music will cheer me up, well that and my boyfriend just text be saying he will be over in half an hour to drag me to the park to star gaze and chill for an hour before I do more work. How cute is he!

Hopefully your day has been better. Tomorrow is another day.

Back to work for a bit I guess.


Number One. Hello.

My mate told me about this, so I thought I would give it a go. I quite like writing but I don’t really get the chance to do it that much, but when I do I find it a good stress relief. I apologise now for any bad spelling, I am a bit dyslexic and can’t spell to save my life (however, I do use spell check but I don’t always trust it).

So, maybe I should tell you a little about me. For starters, I am TINY (like, 5foot exactly), so naturally I get a lot of nicknames – Mainly Midget. I also like to dye my hair (at the moment is dark blue [basically black] on the top and blonde on the bottom) and have a few piercings (3 on my ear lobes, my tragus on my left side and top cartilage on the right. I have also recently got my lip pierced). I have one little sister, Beth. I love my family a lot, but they do get on my nerves often.
I am currently at University studying Architectural Technology. I absolutely LOVE it, but it does take up a lot of my time. For anyone that doesn’t know Architecture and Architectural Technology literally take over a person’s life, if you know anyone doing it or are doing it yourself you will understand.

I watch quite a bit of T.V in my spare time, not many films, but lots of T.V shows. I would give you a list but you will probably get bored, however I will tell you I am a massive Dr. Who fan and I love Harry Potter and The Big Bang Theory. Me and my house mate have also been watching Dexter, which is amazing and I have gotten back into Fringe (and also got a lot of my friends hooked).

Well, I better get back to work now as I have a deadline in three days and an entire presentation to finish. I will try and post frequently, but I am not promising anything because it will depend on my work load and where I am (I probably won’t blog much when I am at home).
Hope you all have lovely days or nights or sleeps or whatever.