Number One. Hello.

My mate told me about this, so I thought I would give it a go. I quite like writing but I don’t really get the chance to do it that much, but when I do I find it a good stress relief. I apologise now for any bad spelling, I am a bit dyslexic and can’t spell to save my life (however, I do use spell check but I don’t always trust it).

So, maybe I should tell you a little about me. For starters, I am TINY (like, 5foot exactly), so naturally I get a lot of nicknames – Mainly Midget. I also like to dye my hair (at the moment is dark blue [basically black] on the top and blonde on the bottom) and have a few piercings (3 on my ear lobes, my tragus on my left side and top cartilage on the right. I have also recently got my lip pierced). I have one little sister, Beth. I love my family a lot, but they do get on my nerves often.
I am currently at University studying Architectural Technology. I absolutely LOVE it, but it does take up a lot of my time. For anyone that doesn’t know Architecture and Architectural Technology literally take over a person’s life, if you know anyone doing it or are doing it yourself you will understand.

I watch quite a bit of T.V in my spare time, not many films, but lots of T.V shows. I would give you a list but you will probably get bored, however I will tell you I am a massive Dr. Who fan and I love Harry Potter and The Big Bang Theory. Me and my house mate have also been watching Dexter, which is amazing and I have gotten back into Fringe (and also got a lot of my friends hooked).

Well, I better get back to work now as I have a deadline in three days and an entire presentation to finish. I will try and post frequently, but I am not promising anything because it will depend on my work load and where I am (I probably won’t blog much when I am at home).
Hope you all have lovely days or nights or sleeps or whatever.



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