Randomly Annoying Day

So, life has been pretty weird for a while now. I am absolutely loving life at the moment, so happy with decisions I am making and working hard to pass my University course in Architectural Technology while also managing a social life (which for anyone studying or who knows someone studying Architecture or Architectural Technology, will know is rather impossible, especially on the lead up to Christmas). I have agreed to live with three of my friends next year and we are currently looking for a house in our town close to the University that is cheap enough for us all to live in happily.

I have been getting all my work done early and am receiving a pretty good grade that I am MORE than happy with, I’m currently writing an essay now, and writing this in a break. So I don’t understand. Today, for some unknown reason to me, I feel like crying. I woke up with an amazing boyfriend next to me, just hugging me while he slept, which was a pretty nice way to wake up if I am honest.

I had arranged to meet my friend in University at 12 to do some of the projects and essays we have due in over the next two weeks. When we made it in after her house mate cooked us Sausage, Egg and Bacon butties, only to find first computer we went to had someone logged in. I will never understand why people just lock the computers in the main room of University when it is quite clear people are trying to come in to get some work done. It really annoys me, I mean, fair enough if they leave a note “Rendering” or “just gone to get a drink, back in 5”. That would be fine. No, clearly not, these people would rather leave it logged in, and the worst bit was we never saw ONE of them come back to finish the work or log off, and we were there a pretty long time. As always when we go in to actually do some work. When we are motivated, we can get A LOT done. Today, today was one of them days. Thank goodness. Dead line Thursday. Panic!

I think I am just having one of them days where you feel like the world is against you.

Music will cheer me up, well that and my boyfriend just text be saying he will be over in half an hour to drag me to the park to star gaze and chill for an hour before I do more work. How cute is he!

Hopefully your day has been better. Tomorrow is another day.

Back to work for a bit I guess.



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