Messy kitchens.

So this post is going to be VERY ramble like and possible a bit incoherent, and I am sorry in advance.
Basically my house mates are taking the piss.

Last year I agreed to live with these people on the condition the kitchen stayed fairly clean. At first they were quite good. When it got bad if I asked they would help clean, fine. But not anymore. For over a week now there hasn’t been a single clean piece of cutlery, no bowls or plates, not even a side that has been clean. It has gotten to the point where there is actually mold growing on the side of the sink. Discussing.
In this house I have the smallest room, I didn’t mind cause it ment we could l I’ve in this nice house, but it is just getting on my nerves now. its just not fair. Not on me, or the other girl it is annoying. I can’t take it any more. I have been cleaning up after them since I first started living with them last year, and I refuse to do it any more. I am a peer, their house mate – not their babysitters. Even my own mother wouldn’t clean up a mess like that if i made one, so why should I have to? I shouldn’t and I won’t.
Today is the last straw.
I have to go to a meeting at 7. When I return, if it is still a mess their crap will be disappearing. I refuse to look at it, or smell it any longer.
Rant over.
Have a good evening.


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