New Laptop

Hey there. I was just reading through my other posts and realised how negative they are, I am going to attempt to fix this.

So, today I woke up (the second time) to the door bell ringing, When I answered a lovely man with a package handed me a box with my name on it. At first I thought, YAY, My boyfriends Christmas present! But I was wrong, so very wrong. When I looked closer after signing and taking it to my room I realised that it wasn’t for him at all. It was for me! The joy of my new laptop coming instantly woke me up and the process of making it work began. You see, I needed a new laptop rather badly. I have had my old acer now for just over 4 years, so it is quite old and there are a lot of thing wrong with it – the worst thing being the most recent lack of mouse usability. For a short amount of time when you first turned it out it would work, then after about 7 clicks it would just stop. Even with a mouse plugged in. Quite frankly, it was fucked. Before this, about this time last year, it turned into a mobile desktop. A 3 minute battery life is not an effective laptop. However, non of that matters now I have my band new shiny one. 

R.I.P old laptop, you served me well.Image


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