Hi there,  I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends, not leaving out the food.

I don’t always get what people class as a ‘normal‘ christmas, as this year was no exception. You see, my dad works away at sea a lot of the time and this year, he was working over christmas day. It’s been like this all my life, but it isn’t bad because it means me, my mum and my sister get to go with him! You meet so many new and interesting characters from all over the world when you are on the ship for christmas or new year. You also get to try new food from all over the world. It is rather exciting really. This year we were in Liverpool again with some people we had met is earlier years. It was really nice to see them all. My dads been on this particular ship for a few years now, so I knew my way around better than before on other ships. The party was brilliant too, it normally is with Captain John on board. Another good bit about not being home for christmas is again to do with the food. Because the ship has a cook, my parents don’t have to spend the day in the kitchen preparing food but can spend it with me and my sister (without asking us to peel one thing or chop another).
This year I got some pretty cool things, and practical ones too, but i have to say the coolist HAS to be my lava lamp! I have always wanted one, and have had a few little joke ones over the years filled with glitter and stuff (something you should know about me, is that i hate glitterit gets everywhere and is really annoying), but this one is a proper, really cool one.
! And my favorite colour. Made me laugh this morning though, turned it on to warm it up and it started to look… well, see for yourselves…


After a while it gained two balls, but i was too busy being a child and laughing to get a photograph. But its working normally again now, and looking cool.


Hope you all got some cool things too.

So next is new year. Party time. I personally will be with family at my aunt and uncles house, and I believe my cousin has invited some of our old school friends. Should be interesting as I don’t really talk to them anymore after a big fallout last easter. Don’t suppose it will matter when we all get drunk and me and my dad are setting off fire works with my cousin Chris. Quite looking forward to it really.
Hope you all have something fun planned and have a good (and safe) time.
I wont post again untill the new year, so have a good one.
Bye xx


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