Hello again.

Well, hello again.
I hope you had a wonderful new years do, or a good nigh chilling at home with some T.V. Personally, me and my family all met up for a lot of alcohol and fireworks, although I could have done with curling up in bed with a hot water bottle, some coffee and a good book. I have been VERY,  a little ill the last few days. Luckily I seem to finally be getting better. Coughing non-stop for 2 weeks isn’t exactly a first for me, it’s not even close to a record, however it really is not fun. Anyone else who has been ill or is ill with this or something similar, you have my complete sympathy.

So I literally just moved back to my Uni house about 2 hours ago, took me about an hour to get everything set up and ready again, with my new lava lamp chillin’ on the desk next to my laptop. I kinda hope that rather than just being a distraction it will act as a form of inspiration, but I am aware I will just end up staring at it looking cool when I should be working.
Over Christmas I was meant to have started a new project, designing a new Eco-House. I have yet to look at it. It is in next Thursday. This is going to go well.

Another nice thing that has happened is to do with a rather wonderful boyfriend. You see, When I went home for Christmas he came with me for a few days. Little did I know he plannedon coming back to surprise me in the new year! I had planned o go out on the 2nd with some friends to a pub then off to one of the Clubs in town. The next day my best friend drove me home and I walked into my house to find my boyfriend talking to my family relaxing on the sofa. SUPER SURPRISED! He is so cute surprising me like that. Although he did lie a little to do it, the sneaky boy. Told e he was in work when he was sitting on the train. Rude. Suppose I should let him off really.

OH! Before I forget, guess who got the most awesome sonic-screwdriver torch for Christmas (my parents are awesome)!


One more random point before I go. E-Mails. I was so excited to get an e-mail on new years day only to have my first E-Mail of 2013 be from Domino’s telling me I should order a pizza. LET DOWN!

Anyway, I’m off. Hope you enjoyed reading this mish-mash of thoughts.
Post soon.



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