The Truth About Love, P!NK

Sorry it has been a while. I have been waiting for something good to talk about, and it has happened! On the14th Me and an old friend went to Manchester to see Pink’s The Truth About Love Tour, and quite frankly she was AMAZING! At first a band called Walk the Moon played, they were really quite good.


Then some guy started walking around the crowd making faces and demanding kisses and strange things like that


He turned out to be the ‘host’ of the night and kept coming back doing really strange things on stage and singing, very amusing


His way of introducing Pink. Brilliant. He started looking around the crowd on the screens with the cameras, looking for someone who needed love to come on stage… scanning through the crowd loads of people were up jumping around shouting ‘ME, ME, ME’, then there she was. Sitting quietly behind three girls pointing at each other, Pink just sitting and waiting.

Her first song on stage was ‘Raise your glass’ and she completely owned the stage, and the air above it


P1090640From there she continued to be amazing right the way through the night, evolving the crowd and singing the classics as well as the new songs. Her costume changes were amazingly fast, pretty much seamless between songs to be honest, disappear down into the floor only to re-emerge seconds later in something COMPLETELY different singing the next song.
The backing singers, the band and the dancers she had on stage with her were also 100% amazing. The entire thing from beginning to end had me watching in awe and singing along.

It was an absolutely fantastic night, I am so glad I got the chance to go (and get a shirt!)

P1090680 P1090722 P1090732 P1090744 P1090767 P1090768 P1090821P1090831


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