It’s been a while…

Hello there.
It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I’d say hi! I know I don’t post about anything good as such, but sometimes it’s nice to have a place to write down random thoughts and ideas. Today might just be a bit of a ramble because I can’t think about what has happened very well. As I am typing I am feeling a little sick, because I have eaten too much while doing some work, and so I am waiting for my friend to come back online to talk to me while watching The Big Bang Theory.

Since I last posted I moved in with my boyfriend and turned 21. For my birthday my sister got me a Hamster. I called him Thunder, because when we went to buy him there was a storm. He isn’t white so Hail seemed wrong, but thunder was chosen by my sister so I liked it. He is super cute.



He has grown a lot since I got him. The picture on the right was him the day I got him, and the other two have been over the last four months. The one of him in the ball with a treat was taken as he managed to get himself out of the ball so I gave him a treat. I love my little Thunder so much, with his beady little eyes and mismatching ears. I hug him every day and play with him all the time.

Enjoy the pictures,





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