Missing hamsters and cute kittens

Hi all,

Once again it has been a while. I am really quite bad at keeping a routine for this blogging thing, but to be honest not a lot has happened. Pretty much the only things of interest are that I have almost finished University. That’s right, by this Thursday I will have handed in my last assignment and be done with it all. Bar graduation in July. I am both excited and terrified by this. The prospect of being so close the the end and freedom is brilliant, but I am kind of worried about what comes next. Getting a job in my field of work will be the hardest part by far, but I am sure it will all work out with a bi of hard work and dedication. I didn’t get this far by sitting on my bum doing nothing!

I had an exam today, I think it went well. However, that is not what I wanted to share with you, what I am in fact sharing is much cuter! What has been on my computer screen while I have been revising is due to my lovely best friend sending me a link. A link to a live stream of some adorable kittens. For anyone interested at a look, here is the link:

My final piece of somewhat interesting news, is that a while ago I came downstairs in the morning to find my hamster cage empty. This made me rather sad and flustered, with a million possibilities running through my head. After an hour of frantically looking around the room and moving pillows and blankets as carefully as I could little Thunder was found in the corner of the room, snuggled up between my corner and the dinning table we have in our main room (we only have one main room and a kitchen downstairs). Thankfully he is all safe and well and back in his cage and hasn’t escaped since. We think the adventure wore the poor little thing out. I am so glad he is safe and well, I was seriously worried about him.


Anyway, that is all I have for you until next time, whenever that maybe.

lots of love




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